Occupy Cork gig

I promised I would stay away from posting until my return from my "holidays" on Monday but thought this was something that needed as much support as could be mustered.

Taking place tomorrow (or today I suppose) which is Saturday, October 22nd is a public gig which will be preceeded by a march beginning outside Cork Opera House at 12.30pm to be followed by an afternoon of music from the Occupy Cork site with the full line-up as it stands below :

14.00 - Jamie O’ Shea
14.30 - Evelina Gustafsson
15.00 - Wasps Vs Humans
15:30 - Donal & James from Dead School
16:00 - Zanga Zanga
16:30 - Jack Corbett
17:00 - Iris O Driscoll
17:30 - Yossi
18:00 - Danny Goulding

Official statement on facebook reads as below :

We are Occupy Cork. We are the 99%. We are a local expression of an international movement
of over 1,500 sister occupations all over the world, a space made up of many nationalities, an
expression of real democracy. We are acting locally and thinking globally.

This is an autonomous global movement. We are inspired by solidarity with similar Occupy groups
in Wall Street, Dublin, Galway, and across all continents, and by the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt,
Iceland, Spain and elsewhere. Together we are creating a space for ideas and collective action. We
are hopeful for a better future. We are united: we are the 99%.

We are taking back power and public space, and creating a space for real participatory democracy.

We are opposed to the bailout and the political and economic status quo. We are against the
neo-liberal obsession with free markets as the solution to all problems, and the control that the
unelected IMF and ECB have over our lives. We had nothing to do with the bank debt and we will
not pay it. We will not accept their cuts, for ourselves or for our children or grandchildren. A lot
of people are suffering while the greedy 1% elite get richer – there are currently more billionaires
in the world than in 2008. People must have economic and political control over their own lives –
the bonds markets and the corporations are not democratic. The debt must not be socialized, and
public goods and natural resources must be kept for all the people.

We argue in favor of economic security for all, human dignity, environmental sustainability,
empowerment and equality, for a deep-rooted change in favor of a sustainable future.

We take decisions by direct participatory democracy, because we believe people should be involved
in the decisions that affect their lives. This is a space that is open for all participate in, a non-
hierarchical space where we can discuss alternatives in a spirit of generosity and respect. We
support and welcome grassroots groups to join with us. We believe in non-violent action like that
seen in the peaceful resistance in Cairo and New York.

These protest movements have grown from small roots to huge size and strength, and we aim
to do the same – we urge you to join with us and make this movement your own. We believe in
decentralisation of political power and in transparency. We are not of any political party, and will not
be – we are tired of their empty promises. We call on everyone who wants to return the power to
the people and to affect genuine change to join with us – this is your platform, a platform for the

We are the 99%, and we want change. Join us!

If you can help by donating anything please follow this link.

Confusion over the 99% may be cleared up as 1% of the world are millionaires/billionaires and possibly even trillionaires. The rest are us.

"Some folks inherit star spangled eyes
Ooh, they send you down to war, Lord
And when you ask them, "How much should we give?"
Ooh, they only answer More! more! more!"