Tasty Cork and Dublin combo to hit An Realt Dearg

Popical Island, the Dublin DIY musical collective we all know and love not to mention home to Tieranniesaur, Yeh Deadlies, Squarehead and more , have cooked up an excellent post-Jazz weekend show for all of us located down south. Land Lovers (who recently poured the perfectly poptastic Confidants all over a jam-packed Crawdaddy as part of the official album launch) will combine with Cork's pyschaelic, shoegazing shamans - The Altered Hours

The show is free and takes place on Saturday, November 5th. If you are a formal kind of person (or you are like me and need constant reminders of where your head is currently placed) you can politely RSVP to the facebook event here.

*In hindsight the heading on this post may attract seedy unwanted visitors from google but hopefully the trenchcoated minority may still turn up at An Realt Dearg in Cork on November 5th and at least buy a drink.