The Cork Music Show : November 20th & 27th

The two latest podcasts from The Cork Music Show are now online and available to stream either via Mixcloud or the embedded players below. Both are definitely worth checking out as we were delighted to have The Altered Hours (on the 20th) and John Blek & The Rats (27th) as guests on the show with the latter even treating us to a couple of live tunes.

Full playlist for The Cork Music Show, Sunday November 20th :

01. Agitate The Gravel : Wilderness Years
02. The Altered Hours : Shimmer
03. The Altered Hours : Flowers Die
04. Lamp : Walking Forward, Looking Back
05. Elk: Wet Stars
06. Martin Finke : I Look Like Nothing
07. Interference : Sail On
08. Sailor Sam : Oh So Beautiful
09. John Blek & The Rats : Take The Ring From Your Hand
10. Former Monarchs : My Friend Has No Job

Full playlist for The Cork Music Show, Sunday November 27th :

01. The Altered Hours: Flowers Die
02. Elk: Wet Stars
03. John Blek & The Rats: Please Remain The Same (Live)
04. John Blek & The Rats: Times They Are A-Changin' (Live)
05. Agitate The Gravel: Don't Know
06. Hooray For Humans: Already Sleeping
07. Rest: Operation : Impending Doom
08. Versives: Two Enemies
09. Tenonsaw: Pact
10. John Blek & The Rats: Take Me Home

Link to November 20th show
Link to November 27th show

Be sure to tune your ears in to The Cork Music Show on Cork FM Community Radio 100.5 every Sunday from 4-5pm where we will be playing you your favourite Cork records & hope to open your ears to the the newest noise on the scene, as well as live music in studio, a bit of a chat aaand the Cork Music Show Challenge (aka The Hardest Quiz in the world!)

If you'd like to hear your favourite sounds on air or if you are a band who would like to send us a song or two we'd be more than happy to hear from you! You can send us a mail at either OR Both will find their way to us eventually :)

Thanks for listening!

Cian, Susie, Gary & Coran