The G-Man Random 5

With all the music we have collected over the years it is easy to sometimes lose track of great albums that lie dormant in our collections. Every week I place my mp3 player on random and list the first five songs to appear no matter how odd they may be. Results can vary but that is the magic of...

The G-Man Random 5

1. Song : You Better Mind
Artist : Sam Amidon
Album : I See The Sign
Year : 2010

Amidon's Triskel (see here for review) appearance earlier in the year was one of my live musical highlights of 2011. Beth Orton was not on hand to sing this one with Sam but let's not dwell on such trivial things...

2. Song : Love Is Hell
Artist : Ryan Adams
Album : Love Is Hell Part I
Year : 2004

The myth has it that Rock 'n Roll, Adams' third (fourth if you include B-sides releaseDemolition) studio album, was both written and recorded in a week merely to strike a compromise with his record label and ensure Love Is Hell saw a release date. This is the title track.

3. Song : I'll Shoot The Moon
Artist : Tom Waits
Album : Glitter & Doom
Year : 2009

Recorded in various venues across Europe and the U.S. during Waits' Glitter & Doom tour in 2008, I must admit to being one of those who cracked and paid the ridiculous ticket price it cost to catch the "odd one" in The Rat Cellar, a temporary structure built in Dublin's Phoenix Park. I may not have been able to eat for a week but christ it was worth it. 'I'll Shoot The Moon' was as much a highlight because of Tom's theatrics during the song (he had gestures and actions for each lyric of the song).

"I'll shoot the moon right out of the sky for you baby"

4. Song : Albatross
Artist : The Besnard Lakes
Album : The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night
Year : 2010

Today's random 5 is taking itself on a walk down nostalgia lane (the lane formerly known as memory) as another act that has blown me away over the past couple of years appears "randomly".

5. Song : Hyacinth House
Artist : The Doors
Album : The Doors: Boxset (Rarities and B-sides)
Year : 1997

One of my favourite Doors numbers and this version was apparently recorded in Robby Krieger's house.

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