John Blek & The Rats on Fundit

John Blek & The Rats are set to record and release their first official single and the alt-country require our help to make it so. has already proven fruitful this year for Cork-based acts Ten Past Seven and and John Blek and co. are hoping to match the successes of their neighbours by reaching a target of €2,000 (currently €1340 to go) by November 24th - 16 days from now.

Remember is not just about donating money as "funders" receive rewards for the amount they have chosen to fund.

If you fund €7 you will receive a signed copy of the single and a personalised thank you letter from the band.

If you fund €100+ you will receive the same cd, letter, a poster, a disposable camera containing photos of the band after a night out (seriously) and a phone call from John himself on your birthday singing, of course, 'Happy Birthday'.

The official blurb :

Hello everyone!

2012 is shaping up to be a really big year for John Blek & the Rats. We’re going to be releasing our first single in February and we need your help! We've been working hard for the last two years building our fan base and doing our best to spread positivity and good times wherever we go. We’ve completed three comprehensive UK tours, countless Irish tours and released four EP's in our time together. Now we must take the next step.

With the release date set for early February we have now put our plans in place to reach this target. Our first recording session is booked for late November and this will quickly be followed by the mixing, mastering and duplication of the songs. All those who donate to our cause can rest assured that their money will be used with the greatest of care and all rewards for donations will reach you in mid January2012, prior to the official release of the single to the general public. We will also keep you updated with our progress every step of the way and send you as much information and as many fun facts as we can.

We're really excited about the prospect of this release and even more excited about the possibility of the support to do so coming from the people who listen to and enjoy our music. Fund it is giving us a fantastic opportunity to raise the money we need and have some fun with our fans in the process.

We hope that anyone who can donate will do so. It will be greatly appreciated and graciously accepted.

Yours sincerely

John Blek & the Rats