Remember The Grand Parade

As posted back in October (click here for undeniable postographic evidence), December 2nd will see a selection of contemporary Cork/Cork-based bands take to the capital with what should be a pulsating show in the Crawdaddy.

Fifa Records (who are just about to release the first new material in years from Whipping Boy - click here), Blue Monkey PR and Tearaway Mgmt have all combined under the moniker The Grand Parade to establish a regular showcase with the idea of exhibiting talented Cork bands such as Zombie Computer, Lamp and Dead School who will all take to the stage on Friday night.

Tickets are priced at €5/€7 and the three live performances will be followed by a dj set provided by both Freakscene and members of legendary Cork band, The Frank And Walters.

If the night is a success there are plans to make these gigs a regular occurrence which could be essential in helping Cork-based bands make their mark in a city that these days is simply bubbling over with local talent. On the flipside it gives a chance for Dublin-based bands to make friends (or at least chat) with their southern counterparts which may increase the chances of "gig-swapping".

What is that you may say? Well "gig-swapping" is basically when one band (from city A) supports another band (from city B) in city A and then vice-versa in city B. The pros of this are as follows :
  • Where you have one gig you now have two. Simple.
  • Each band gets to play in a "foreign" city.
  • Each band gets to play to the friends of the other band. Bands regularly support each other because they are friends and, more often than not, share the same core of friends. Theoretically, playing with "strangers" should result in a whole new audience when visiting their city.
  • Although great fun, playing in front of your friends and family every week does not help creative matters as they will probably give you great feedback whether or not you sounded like a duck shoved up a bear's arse. "Strangers" have no emotional connection with your band/music and are the sternest test to a new band and their new material.
  • The home band know the area better and can pick the venue.
  • The bones of a nationwide tour begin to form.
Seems like simple stuff but it is the bread butter of a healthy music scene. (Well in my humble opinion...). Cork recently saw both Squarehead and Land Lovers share the stage with Cork bands (The Altered Hours and Carried By Waves) which may make it easier for both bands to return with a new fanbase.

To reiterate the official tagline below :

The Grand Parade is a new gig featuring the best emerging bands from Cork,
along with special guest DJ sets, all rolled into one night at Crawdaddy. The
first Grand Parade bill is proud to present Dead School, Zombie Computer and

Dead School’s post punk noise has already been championed by Today
FM’s Paul McLoone despite only two singles to date. Zombie Computer
(Psychonavigation Records) have quickly establised themselves as festival
favourites with their stomping and dark electronic grooves, while LAMP’s
psychedelic and nu-jazz influenced album ‘Sagittarius’ is one of the most
inventive records spawned by Leeside in years.

The three bands will be joined by special guest DJs from Cork’s longest running
alternative nightclub, Freakscene and indie legends, the Frank & Walters,
keeping the vibes going until late.

3.17 (Single) by Dead School