Free EP from Okkervil River

In 2007, Okkervil River released a free EP for all OR fans to download titled the Golden Opportunities. The mixtape was/is comprised of songs the band recorded on the road while touring The Stage Names. Four years later the Texans continue the tradition with the release of sequel Golden Opportunities 2.

The full tracklist of the EP, which is made up entirely of cover songs, is below :

  1. 'It is So Nice to Get Stoned' by Ted Lucas
  2. 'U.F.O.' by Jim Sullivan
  3. 'One Soul Less On Your Fiery List' by David McComb
  4. 'Plan D' by Bill Fay
  5. 'Dry Bones' - American Traditional
Like its predecessor, Golden Opportunities 2 can be downloaded for free over on the official website.