A G-Man Christmas

Who doesn't love a good Christmas playlist?! Eh...ok apologies to the one-legged lady in the back. Bitten off by a reindeer you say? Crikey. Oh well you can't please everyone. Moving on...

The idea of a festive alternative/indie playlist is nothing new but I still couldn't help sticking together an hour long podcast full of a bunch of not-so-traditional tracks ranging from covers to original Chrimbo tunes. What makes me happiest about the below collection is the fact that four of the bands (John Blek & The Rats, Yeh Deadlies, Squarehead and Agitate The Gravel) are Irish. All I can say is that original Irish music is currently in a very healthy state indeed.

Stream the playlist below or click here to directly view the mixcloud page.

*There is no intention to infringe on any copyrights here so apologies if I am stepping on anyone's toes. If you do have an issue please let me know straight away.