Cork Gig Guide January 30th-February 5th

The quantity of gigs this week is not at an all time high. In saying that we potentially have two of the most memorable of 2012 in the offing. Will Oldham ambles into town - possibly wearing a straw hat, possibly on a trusty steed - on Wednesday with his massive back catalogue in tow. Oldham, aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy, last played Cork to a chattery audience in a tent as part of Cork X Southwest which was still rather good but the more respectful setting of the Opera House should be more suited to the likes of 'I See a Darkness', 'Wolf Among Wolves', 'Quail and Dumplings' and anything else he decides to whip out of his well travelled suitcase. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

You then have a couple of nights to catch your awestruck breath before Cork's own behemoths of noise - Ten Past Seven and Rest - attempt to bust in your eardrums with what could be one of the loudest, and technically brilliant, performances of the year. Tickets are limited so get yourself down to Plugd Records if you want to get into Sample Studios on Saturday night.

An unfortunate clash is the fact that Plugd themselves are putting on their first show of 2012 as they welcome electro gurus Somadrone to the Triskel. Support comes in the form of Magic Pockets and Dan from Trumpets of Jericho's STRAWK. The good news is that, if you don't pick up a ticket for Rest/Ten Past Seven (or you prefer your electronics to your instrumental post/math-rock), you have an exceptional alternative.

Fans of Cork's Bona Fide Federation are well aware of vocalist Triona O'Neill's classically-trained abilities so they (and many others) may be very interested to know that Triona, along with Claire Adams, will exhibit said impressive lung-power on Friday in the Triskel Christchurch. Tickets are just €5/7 and available on the night of from the Triskel box office on Tobin Street.

Monday, January 30th

- Cold Comfort in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)

Tuesday, January 31st

- The Art Crimes Band in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)

Wednesday, February 1st

- Bonnie "Prince" Billy in Cork Opera House

- CSN (Colaiste Stiofain Naofa) Live and Gigging in The Pavilion
- Trans Fatty Acids in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)

Thursday, February 2nd

- Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws in Cyprus Avenue

- Inner City Blues Band in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)

Friday, February 3rd

- Triona O'Neill (Bona Fide Federation) & Claire Adams: Soprano Duets in the Triskel Christchurch

- RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet with William Butt in UCC's Aula Maxima (1pm)
- David O'Doherty in The Pavilion
- The Floating Opera in
Mr. Bradley's of Barrack Street

- Joel Kachel in The Crane Lane Theatre (9pm)

Saturday, February 4th

- John Blek & The Rats in Crowley's Music Centre (5pm)

- Rest and Ten Past Seven in Sample Studios (old Fás building, 2nd floor)

- Plugd presents Somadrone, Magic Pockets and STRAWK in the Triskel Arts Centre

Sunday, February 5th

- Sunday Sessions featuring The Mashed Potatoes in The Pavilion
- The Papa Zitas in The Crane Lane Theatre (10.30pm)