The Cork Music Show

Slowly but surely getting back to normal after the turn of the year. Alan and Kevin of electro-outfit Versives appeared on The Cork Music Show on Sunday last and treated us to a live performance of 'Harpoon'. Alan's plan for the new year is to hire himself a good lawyer as Paul Simon, "Joe Hollands" and the committee for the Olympics may be chasing him for royalties. Listen to the podcast below to have any idea what I am talking about. Also note new music aplenty from Foxglove, ex-Citadels frontman Cormac O'Caoimh and plenty more.

The full playlist for January 22nd's show :

01. Lamp: Walking Forward Looking Back
02. Versives: Two Enemies
03. Daphne In The Attic: Peter & The Wolf
04. Private Underground Residence: Snuffbox
05. Versives: Harpoon (Live in the studio)
06. Foxglove: Land's End
07. Cormac O'Caoimh: A New Season For Love
08. The Hard Ground: Pawn
09. Screenreader: HCI
10. La Belle Alliance: Have You Got a Name For Me

If you missed last week's show with Crow Black Chicken click here to hear the podcast.