Hello 2012! - New video from Paul Creane & The Changing Band

The eyes are still full of sleepy dust but the morning is speckled with sunshine. After an extended break from blogging and writing (but never listening) over the festive period it is a pleasure to be back in my adopted city of Cork ready to crack horns with the stag that is 2012.

My short stay back home in Wexford allowed me to attend the world premiere of Wexford alt-country gang Paul Creane & The Changing Band's video for the lead track off their debut album Tommy Black & The Twelve Days of Lucy. Filmed by Highwind Films with uber-talented Wexford artist Michael White taking the reins as artistic director, the video for 'All For You Baby' features some loveable-looking, mandolin-mashing, dobro-doodling deer.

If you look carefully you may spot clips from a just as impressive shadow puppet film orchestrated by guitarist Seami Turner which, in my humble opinion, could have been an official video in itself. Both videos are available to stream below.

- Tommy Black & The Twelve Days of Lucy, the debut album from PC&TCB, is available on iTunes to buy or soundcloud to stream