New track from Shearwater

Jonathan Meiburg and co. are set to release Animal Joy at the end of February on world famous independent record label Sub Pop Records and have made 'Breaking the Yearlings', which will appear on Shearwater's eight studio album, available as a little taster.

Renowned for complicated song structures Animal Joy will be a more visceral rather than cerebral affair if the free tune is anything to go by with frontman Meiburg's vocals living up to the album title.

'Breaking the Yearlings' is available as a free download from the Texan band's official site or simply by using the widget below.

Full track listing for Animal Joy :
  1. Animal Life
  2. Breaking the Yearlings
  3. Dread Sovereign
  4. You as You Were
  5. Insolence
  6. Immaculate
  7. Open Your Houses (Basilisk)
  8. Run the Banner Down
  9. Pushing the River
  10. Believing Makes It Easy
  11. Star of the Age
- Animal Joy will be released on Sub Pop in the U.S. on February 14th and February 24th in Ireland (27th in the U.K.)