Exclusive Stream : Trumpets of Jericho - Song Like An Alum Ut It's Nor Really

Cork post-punk troop Trumpets Of Jericho have been spinning heads and twisting torsos with some exhilirating, high octane performances on the live circuit over the past 12 months including support slots with Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard and Crystal Antlers.

Now finally we get to hear TRUM'O'CHO on record with the imminent release of the Leeside quartet's debut album - Song Like an Alum Ut It's Nor Really.

Dancing in the delirious, ululating in the unhinged, with Song Like an Alum Ut It's Nor Really Trumpets of Jericho have unleashed an awesome force of creative expression. From the unexpected acoustic opening of 'Narci Boi' to the sinister sounding 'Nothing To Get Up For' and eighties-drenched, fantastically named 'Uh', TRUM'O'CHO have instantly claimed their own dark and delightfully odd place in a pulsating Irish music scene.

The record is set for release on Benthos Records and will be available in Plugd Records this weekend and is currently available to purchase via bandcamp just as soon but before that, in a G-Man exclusive, from the creators of ZUKUNFT GESTEIN*, Song Like an Alum Ut It's Nor Really is available to stream in its entirety below.

*Future Rock

- Songs Like An Alum is now available to buy in Plugd (€6)



  1. Good job G-Man; Good-Man; God-Man.

    Keep it all up


  2. The most formal kind words I have ever received.


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