The G-Man Interview w/ Poino

"I suppose it helps get the lumps out of the custard a bit faster."

U.K. smash-rockers Poino's three date Irish tour erupts this Thursday with the Cork leg of the trio's molten visit set to cover Phoenix Street's Crane Lane Theatre in more volcanic ash than even Bjork and pals would feel comfortable with.

It was not too long ago that singer and guitarist Gaverick de Vis - formerly of now defunct underground legends Giddy Motors - shared some words of wisdom with

Starting off nice and easy - will this be your first time playing in Cork?

For Poino yes, it's our first time to Ireland.

Of course you are not new to the Cork music scene with Ten Past Seven - one of Cork’s most influential bands over the past few years - having shared a stage with Giddy Motors a long time back. Do you remember that gig? (Belfast)

Yeah, Giddy Motors did two tours in Ireland and I'm pretty sure we did more than one show with Ten Past Seven, maybe even one in Cork at Fred Zeppelins. Great guys. It's good to hear they're still going.

Ten Past Seven recently played in Sample Studios an art studio with polished black floors and low ceilings located on the second floor of an abandoned government building - an amazing place for a gig. With so many buildings left derelict here due to the collapse of the property market in Ireland there is a push to let more artists and bands use similar buildings around the country. What do you think of the idea?

I want one.

Is there anything similar to that in the U.K. at the moment?

There may be but nothing that I'm aware of tonight.

Any other fond memories of playing with Cork/Irish bands over the years?

I can only remember Ten Past Seven and one other band we played with at Whelan's who have now split up. I forget their name but at least one of the guys is now in Thread Pulls. Always had a good time in Ireland. Can't believe it's 9 years since I last saw it.

Going back to the beginning - how did Poino come to be?

I knew John from Giddy Motors as he was in the band for a brief period between tours, so when Giddy Motors eventually split-up I got in touch with him, for obvious reasons, and we started toying with some ideas I had knocking around. We figured we'd need to get a bass player to take it further and so we started hunting for one. My friend Tobias Warwick Jones who recorded Giddy Motors' Do Easy album was in Buttonhead with Ross [Blake] and he played me a tape of some of their rehearsals. I heard the bass playing and I instantly knew Ross was the guy for Poino. I didn't actually think he would do it, but he did, and here we be.

Between the three of you there is a serious wealth of experience in the band. Besides ability, what are the positive knock-on effects of this and how does it help Poino?

Well, I suppose it helps get the lumps out of the custard a bit faster.

Any cons?

Can I interest you in a flying twig?

It took quite a while for Moan Loose to see the light of day. Was it a case of you were just enjoying touring first or was there another reason for the delay?

We all had a lot of different commitments going on at the start and so rehearsals were few and far between. I think there was a point where we didn't jam together for about 6 months. We were also trying to figure out how to best 'lay the table' so to speak in terms of how we work together. Now that we have a record done we're a bit more bedded into our way of writing, we rehearse more often and consequently material is coming together a lot faster. We're about halfway through the second record.

Are you a band that record an album, move on and never listen to it again or can you sit back and enjoy your work/art/creation?

I think we're all proud of the music we make, and we like to play it live but I wouldn't say we indulge in playing the records as a source of enjoyment, or entertainment. There are no Moan Loose cigar parties I can tell you. The only time I listen to the record is when the band can't get together before a show and I need to practice. I think the other two are exactly similar.

I know for every musician there is always parts that you would love to change but with what aspect(s) of the record are you happiest?

For me it would be the amount of work we did as a band in realising it, from writing all the way through to manufacture.

How is life on Horse Arm treating you?

Near fine, despite the terrifying harridan that is the man known as Charles.

Does Horse Arm have a mission statement, a common goal or just make bloody good music? Which is fine by me...

Well right now it's only got the one release but the Buttonhead album will be coming soon and then another Poino record. After that we'll just have to see. There are few options in the wings.

What are gig goers guaranteed from a live Poino performance?

I ask everyone this. Ever played the animal game before? (Basically you begin with one letter, eg. 'V', and everyone has to name an animal beginning with this letter. The person who cannot name an animal beginning with 'v’ loses one life).

The easy animals such as 'vampire bat' are always taken quite early so can ye give me a rare animal beginning with 'v' that I can use as back up for the next time I play the game myself?

Vampire Bat's son.

- Poino play The Crane Lane (Cork) on Feb 23rd, Sal's (Waterford) on Feb 24th and Whelan's (Dublin) on Feb 25th 
- Stream/download Moan Loose at