Gulpd/Plugd/Triskel happenings

Remember those dark, deathly days when the doors of both Plugd and the Triskel were seemingly closed forever and we hadn't even heard a whisper of the angelic coupling together that is Beamish and cake? No? Well good.

Since the Triskel and Plugd's return (see here for a recap) in April 2011 - not even 12 months ago - there have been plenty of goings on including Ryan Francesconi, Sam Amidon, Hauschka and Agnes Obel in the gloriously renovated Christchurch, not to mention Somadrone, Elk, Crayonsmith, Daniel Martin Moore and plenty more who have all played in various other parts of the Tobin Street complex: an instore upstairs in Plugd; a more arty performance in the auditorium; a larger scale show in the Christchurch; or a very cosy appearance in the café.

Already confirmations aplenty are popping up here and there be it promoted by Jim and Albert in Plugd or otherwise so I thought I would spin through a quick customised gig guide for the various rooms and spaces held together within the confines of the Triskel Arts Centre walls.

10 great reasons to visit Plugd/Gulpd/Triskel in the next two months

1. Plugd Presents Paper Dollhouse: Saturday, 25th February in the Auditorium

Folk with a dark, gothic twist. Interview with London's Astrud Steehouder aka Paper Dollhouse here.

2. Katie Kim Listening Party: Thursday, 15th March in Gulpd (8pm)
Changed from 1st March

The dark jewel in the current Irish music scene's crown, Katie Kim's double album Cover & Flood - although streaming already - is set for physical release on the first day of March and what better way to celebrate than with a bit of a get together in Gulpd café where the drink will be flowing and the new KK tunes will be glowing.

3. GoodCop BadCop presents No Spill Blood: Saturday, March 3rd in the Auditorium

A regular Irish supergroup resulting from the slopping together of members of Adebisi Shank, Elk and Magic Pockets. Corcadorca's auditorium is a superb setting for a gig and it looks like it will be used more and more in 2012.

4. Beamish & Chocolate Cake: Every day in Gulpd

Genuinely this guy should be playing the Olympia. Unbelievably good.

5. Black Sun presents Mike Gangloff, Yawning Chasm, Brigid Power Ryce and Sacred Harp Singers Of Cork: Thursday, 8th March in Plugd

The wonderfully strange and adventurous Black Sun return to Cork for their first event of 2012 hosting Kentuckian Mike Gangloff (Pelt/Black Twig Pickers) and plenty more on the night of the 8th.

6. Plugd Presents Cian Nugent & Matt Baldwin: Sunday, 18th March in the Auditorium

Guitar supremo Nugent has already visited the Triskel when he supported Ryan Francesconi last year but he returns as headliner - complete with Matt Baldwin in tow - in the smaller auditorium space.

Doubles by Cian Nugent

7. Independent Cinema: Sunday-Wednesday (usually)

From the legendary concert film that is The Last Waltz to a silent movie (The Artist) that looks set to sweep up at the Oscars there is a feast of movie choices to view on the big screen contained within the Christchurch. Two highlights include the latest Twisted Celluloid offering - a double bill of cult 1980s sci-fi action movies Highlander and Flash Gordon - and a number of French movies that will run as part of Cork's annual French Film Festival (4th-11th March).

8. Rekkids & See-Dees: Everyday in Plugd

Silje Nes and Paper Dollhouse are just two gems that spring to mind that Albert & Jim formally - and thankfully -introduced to my eardrums over the years. I could swear Albert knew who Bon Iver were before Justin Vernon too! Record Store Day 2012 (April 21st) is just around the corner so Cork will not miss out on any festivities. Great place to catch the rare instore too!

9. September Girls: Saturday, 28th April in the Auditorium

Fuzzy, retro guitar pop borne from the ashes of The Chalets, September Girls make their Cork bow in April

10. Alexander Tucker and James Blackshaw: Saturday, 12th May in TBC

Be it in the Christchurch or the auditorium the pairing of Tucker with Blackshaw on the same night should serve up something very splendid indeed.

On top of the above there are various gigs lined up for the Christchurch including a Rory Gallagher festival as well as live performances and DJs spinning top tunes downstairs in Gulpd.


  1. And now The Jimmy Cake have been added for a Record Store Day special performance on April 21st!


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