Peter Broderick: Album or website?

For those of you who have been lucky enough to see Peter Broderick live in the flesh (in a musical way people!) you will know his music is all about trying something a little bit different. From sampling and re-working audio clips taken directly from the crowd to playing weird instruments the mild-mannered creator of the wondrous Home is a sight to behold once he takes to the stage. The format of his latest album takes that sense of adventure to a whole new level. is a new website but it also doubles as Broderick's new album. Not only can all ten compositions be streamed from the site but each track is accompanied by various videos, descriptions and photographs all related to the track itself. Basically it is like an online album with supersized liner notes or as the man himself puts it "Liner notes that are alive".

As with everything the Portland, Oregon instrumentalist releases the album is pure beauty poured into a wine glass. Or a website. The latter being nowhere near as poetic. Pretty much everything on the site can be copied, embedded etc. but best I leave it with the intro at the bottom so you can go explore the site yourself.

http_splash from Feld on Vimeo.