An Realt Dearg follows The Quad

Last June a hammer blow was struck to the bell of the live Cork music scene with the ringing announcement that one of the city's beloved alternative venues The Quad was to close her doors.

One hell of a closing party and months of mourning were required before music revellers pulled themselves together with many - if not regulars there already - finding new pastures not too far away on Barrack Street within the cosy confines of An Realt Dearg (The Red Star for those non-Irish speaking readers)'.

Not that they didn't put on some great nights before but the past 9 months or so have seen some outstanding gigs in the form of Squarehead, Land Lovers, John Blek & The Rats, Carried By Waves, The Altered Hours, Agitate The Gravel, Family Planning, When Good Pets Go Bad, Chirps, The Great Ocean Divide and - extremely recently - Private Underground Residence.

Word on the street (or as they call it these days - Facebook) has it that the Barrack Street bar has served its last pint and is no more.

Sadly those rumours are indeed fact. The official announcement is below...

"It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you that as of today An Réalt Dearg is no more. We had a great 3 years of business, hosted some amazing nights, made some lifelong friends and had an outrageous amount of fun. Thanks for being part of it and we'll see ye all soon. Love, Jack, Peter and all the Réalt staff."

Another sad day for Cork. It won't kill us and we will move on but it still fucking hurts. On Valentine's Day and everything...

The videos below don't tell a quarter of the story but enjoy anyways.