Windings news: New single and Fundit campaign hones in on target

The Space I Occupy/The Hassle is the new record from lovable pop folkies Windings and has been available from all good Irish music stores since February 15th.

Released on Out On A Limb Records, the double A-side 7" nicely displays the Jekyll & Hyde personality ('The Space I Occupy' a gentle, indie-pop stroll in the park complete with guest appearance from Ms Geary’s 5th Class Singers; 'The Hassle' more a frantic freak-out including Marnie Stern-like guitar and copious amounts of cowbell), both equally enjoyable, which we have come to love on earlier recordings.

Not ones to rest on the proverbial laurel, the Limrockers (yes they are from Limerick and yes they also are quite partial to their rock) are over halfway through a fund-it campaign - which has been so successful recently for other Irish artists such as Ten Past Seven, John Blek & The Rats and Nina Hynes - with a target of €3,500 to be met before the deadline which falls in just ten days time. The money raised will fund the quintet's third studio album featuring a completely new batch of songs recorded in Montreal within the walls of world famous Hotel2Tango Studios (Arcade Fire, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Stars and more). The band have raised all the travel, accomodation funds themselves but require help with the never-comes-cheap recording, mixing and pressing costs that can make or break any act.

Remember, contributing to fundit campaigns is not donating money or anything like charity, more pre-ordering goods with a little extra thrown in depending on the value of your fund.

e.g. Funding between €8 and €20 will get you a download of the album as well as a download of 3 non-album singles : 'Embury Greenway', 'The Space I Occupy' and 'The Hassle'

Funding €50+ will see a funder receive a vinyl picture disc copy of the album (delivered directly to your door), a download of the album, a download of 3 non-album singles : 'Embury Greenway', 'The Space I Occupy' and 'The Hassle', Windings previous two albums on cd, 'Old Like J/Armada Song' 7" single 3-D poster complete with 3d Glasses all delivered to your doorstep. Quite a booty eh? Stick the fulfilment of helping the lads record an album they may never have done without your help on top of that and you are laughing your silky socks off with Sally (or Sam) the saucy secretary at the water station. Yes. I went a bit mad there.

Click here to fund Windings' third album

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- 'The Space I Occupy/The Hassle' is available to purchase from local independent records stores such as Plugd Records in Cork
- The fundit campaign can be supported by clicking here
- Windings play The Pavilion in Cork on March 3rd