Wrap it up there G : Weekly Round Up

And the last full week of February is gone. Still, there is plenty of opportunity to get some kicks out of the shortest month of the year yet with loads of glorious gigs to attend - including Paper Dollhouse in The Joinery in Dublin tonight and the Triskel in Cork tomorrow, click here to read a recent interview with Astrud - before the 29 (leap year!!!) days are up. If you couldn't be bothered well 1. shame on you but 2. use that lounging time to read up on what's been going down on the blog in the past 7 days.

For those weekend readers or those peeps who just love a good summary below lies a few links to what's been going on this week in the world of The G-Man.
Coming next week!!!!

- Exclusive stream of new album from Hope Is Noise : click here for a reminder
- Interview with No Spill Blood

And loads, loads more on