Ballymun Lullaby

"A story that needs to be heard."

A new Irish documentary film was premiered on RTÉ last night concerning the Ballymun flats in Dublin and local music teacher Ron Cooney's mission to produce a score of music that will give a voice to the people and children of the area which has been labelled so negatively over the years.

Ron's vision is to show the the world the potential he - and apparently no one else - has seen in his students for years. Amazingly enough, the RTÉ Concert Orchestra eventually get involved and Glen Hansard, originally from Ballymun himself, speaks of his experiences growing up in the flats to winning a shiny little award you may have heard about.

Seriously recommend giving the hour long movie a watch and, for those in Ireland, it can be screened in its entirety over on the RTÉ player here.

As Tara O'Brien says in the film : "It's not where you live, it's how you live."

Couldn't agree more with the tagline: