Capital Capers and Elsewhere Escapades (March 28th-April 3rd)

Seeing as I am currently based in Cork, I tend to write from a very Cork-orientated point of view for the obvious, geographical reasons. It may look like I am neglecting the rest of the country with the weekly posting of a Cork-only rundown but, from now on, if living outside of Cork tune in every Wednesday to see what's happening in Dublin and elsewhere on our fair, green isle.

Popicalia returns to Dublin this weekend with edition 13 set to feature Little xs for eyes, Morning Claws and Dott on Saturday night in Eamonn Doran's Tavern on the Green. Galwegians Dott impressed many a hairy folk in Freds (Cork) with their sparkly, harmonically-blessed brand of indie-pop which will go down a treat with Popical Island fans. We all know how I feel about Little xs for eyes (I like them) so the grittier Morning Claws are charged with providing the meat in that pop sandwich. A "don't-miss-it" kind of gig me thinks.

A couple of Cork regulars make the trip north that same night with Agitate The Gravel's brand of shoegaze, melodic rock providing the midnight show in Whelan's and Leeside legends The Frank & Walters showcasing tunes from their recently released (and acclaimed) album, Greenwich Mean Time.

Earlier in the week, Large Mound officially launch Another Year of Rock, a record that saw the Dublin rockers release a new track every month in 2012 culminating in Thursday's release, in Twisted Pepper. The bill on the night will include Popical Islanders Land Lovers and new kids on the block Bouts who headline a couple of their own gigs (instore in Tower Records at 6pm and The Workman's Club) on Friday.

Something special may be on show in The Grand Social that same night with former Arab Strap frontman Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells continue to tour their 2011 collaboration, Everything's Getting Older.

Sunday is the night of the heavyweights with original nu-metal lords (remember nu-metal?!) Korn in the Olympia and Mike Scott's revitalised Waterboys in Canal Theatre.


Wednesday, March 28th
- The Jim McKee Band in Whelan's

Thursday, March 29th
- Baxter Dury in The Sugar Club
- The Walls in Whelan's (Upstairs)
- Spirit of Folk fundraiser featuring The Hot Sprockets, The Young Folk and more in Whelan's (Upstairs)
- Large Mound (album launch), Bouts and Land Lovers in Twisted Pepper

Friday, March 30th
- Bouts in Tower Records (6pm)
- Night of the Machines III featuring Versives, iEuropean, PolyDROID and The Wazp in National Concert Hall (Kevin Barry room)
- Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells in The Grand Social

- Frustration, Lethal Dialect and more in Whelan's
- Joe Chester in Whelan's (Upstairs)
- Bouts in The Workman's Club

Saturday, March 31st
- Popicalia #13 featuring Little Xs For Eyes, Morning Claws and Dott in Eamonn Doran's Tavern on the Green

- Lau in Whelan's
- Talkcha featuring Percolator, Bridges Of Madison County, Skinny Downers in Twisted Pepper
- Agitate The Gravel in Whelan's (Midnight)
- Steve Aoki in The Academy
- The Frank & Walters in The Workman's Club

Sunday, April 1st
- Korn in the Olympia Theatre
- The Waterboys in Grand Canal Theatre

Monday, April 2nd
- Odd Future in the Olympia Theatre

Tuesday, April 3rd
- Nina Nastasia in Whelan's

Elsewhere around the country

Thursday, March 29th
- Mmoths, Daithi and Adultrock in Róisín Dubh (Galway)
- The Kanyu Tree in Dolan's (Limerick)
- Delerentos in The Sky & The Ground (Wexford)

Friday, March 30th
- Le Galaxie and We Are Losers in Róisín Dubh (Galway)

- Lau in Riverbank Arts Theatre (Kildare)
- Delerentos in The Set Theatre (Kilkenny)

Saturday, March 31st
- Declan O'Rourke in the Spirit Store (Dundalk)
- Glimmermen in The Bridgebrook Arms, Thomastown (Kilkenny)
- Delerentos in The Forum (Waterford)

Monday, April 2nd
- The Rising Tide, Time Is A Thief and Elegance in Róisín Dubh (Galway)

Tuesday, April 3rd
- Agitate The Gravel and Superblondes in The Office Bar (Limerick)

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