The Cork Music Show, Sunday March 18th

The full playlist for March 18th :
01. Karma Parking: Boogaloo
02. Slow Motion Heroes: Paper Over Cracks
03. John Blek & The Rats: Old St. Catherine
04. Agitate The Gravel: Don’t Know
05. Young Wonder: Tumbling Backwards
06. Trumpets of Jericho: Uh!
07. Sultans of Ping: Where’s Me Jumper
08. Private Underground Residence: Snuffbox
09. Lamp: Walking Forward Looking Back
10. Hope Is Noise: Official Party Line
11. Simple Kid: Truck On
12. KVX: Graphs
13. Bill Coleman: False North
14. Exit Pursued By A Bear: Pish!
15. Fingersmith: Small Hand

- Tune in to The Cork Music Show every Sunday at 4pm on Cork FM Community Radio (100.5FM).
- Stream the show live by clicking here
- Pretty much everything played on the show is available to buy in Plugd Records on Tobin Street.

Twitter: @CorkMusicShow