The Cork Music Show, Sunday March 4th

Another successful Cork Music Show - as in we did not blow anything up - broadcast on Sunday.

The full playlist for Sunday, March 4th :

01. When Good Pets Go Bad: Da Zu (Kid)
02. Hope Is Noise: All Love And Nothing
03. Hush War Cry: Lily
04. Agitate The Gravel: The Wilderness Years
05. Alan (White) & The Accident: Shambles
06. Superblondes: Those Who Wait
07. Rest: Operation: Impending Doom
08. The Altered Hours: Shimmer
09. Hope Is Noise: Official Party Line
10. Lamp: Walking Forward Looking Back
11. Saint Yorda: Death Ray
12. Trumpets of Jericho: Uh!
13. Rory Gallagher: A Million Miles Away
14. Hope Is Noise: Sleeping Dogs

Topics on the show included :

  • 3 songs from featured artist Hope Is Noise who release This Used To Be A Laugh on Fifa/Wingnut Records on 16th March. Album is still currently streaming exclusively here
  • Rebels Against The Pipe fundraiser featuring Hope Is Noise, Trumpets of Jericho, Lamp and more will take place in The Pavilion on Thursday, 29th March
  • Past guest Alan White now performing as Alan & The Accident who play The Roundy on Thursday, 8th March

Tune in to The Cork Music Show every Sunday at 4pm on Cork FM Community Radio (100.5FM).

*Pretty much everything played on today's show is available to buy in Plugd Records on Tobin Street.