Foreign Slippers

The sun is definitely part of it but 'Avalanche' - the soon-to-be-released single from Sweden's Foreign Slippers - has put me in a seriously good mood. Think Goldfrapp if they went to hang out in Sweden for a few months.

Pretty much the sole work of singer, artist, author and songwriter Gabi Froden, Foreign Slippers is "a whole little world which these foreign slippers - the people playing the music - inhabit, together with all the little drawings and the characters and the dogs and the birds and the little shoes and the things that I make… which is almost a place which allows me not to properly grow up… because it means I can sit and make little dogs and call that work!".

Either way the foot has been a-tappin' and the head has been a-noddin' since I first pressed play.

- 'Avalanche' by Foreign Slippers is released on April 20th
- The album, Farewell to The Old Ghosts, will be released on June 22nd
- Foreign Slippers support Duke Special on his upcoming Irish tour