New Video from Bouts

Back in February Triskel-bound, Dublin-based Bouts splashed a big grin across my face with the online release of 'Get Sick'/'Turn Away'. The double A-side just seemed so suitable for a carefree Summer's day it is only fitting, during Cork's unexpected (to put it mildly) heat wave, they should announce the news of a video for 'Turn Away' which can be viewed below.

Mad watching a video of a band you have never met before when suddenly a friend of yours pops up onscreen in the middle of the chaos. Physical copies of the record hit the shelves tomorrow.

- 'Get Sick'/'Turn Away' by Bouts is released Friday, 30th March
- Bouts play Tower Records (6pm) and The Workman's Club Friday, March 30th i.e. tomorrow
- Bouts play the Triskel in Cork Saturday, April 7th

Official Bouts website