New Video: Little xs for eyes

At the end of January, I listed a dozen or more Irish releases that I felt deserved a mention above all the rest (click here to listen or to simply prove I am not lying) and melody-molding sextet Little xs For Eyes were one of the first names jotted down on the trusty virtual notebook.

Back in October the Dublin indie poppers were on the verge of releasing one of the catchiest singles of 2011 in 'In The Light' and set to play the 2011 edition of the now annual HWCH showcase. 2012 has recently seen the sixsome confirmed for the first ever Camden Crawl Dublin, followed now by the release of follow up single 'In Three Years' - including a remix by Sounds of System Breakdown of 'Kind Hearts' - which is free to download from bandcamp.

On top of all that Bennie, Lucy, Davey, Michelle, Adrian and Aaron have also wrapped up shooting a video for their second single which was created with the help of artist Johnny Fitzsimons. Word has it a song-swap with fellow Dublinites Sleep Thieves is afoot with a second remix by SOSB also in the pipeline. And breathe...

- 'In Three Years' is available to download for free from
- Little xs for Eyes play Camden Crawl Dublin in May