Overhead, The Albatross on 2XM

It was great to hear Overhead, The Albatross' nine minute epic 'Think, Thank, Thunk.' on the new The Alternative with Dan Hegarty show on 2XM yesterday morning.The war to make Irish stations play more homegrown music will wage on for years so it is sometimes easy to ignore the good work that is being done by the handful of DJs who do genuinely seem to care so good stuff from Dan and the producers of the show which featured live performances from Irish bands Jape, Le Galaxie and more earlier in the week.

I have had the pleasure of catching Overhead, The Albatross live when they were invited down south to join KVX for their swansong shenanigans. Seeing as I was super impressed with both the lads abilities and manic live energy it is great to see they are still making forward strides. 'Think, Thank, Thunk.' was released earlier in the week and is available to download from bandcamp with all proceeds going to the Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association so your €1 will be heading to a very good cause. If you like what you hear and want to hear more then the sextet's EP Lads with Sticks can be either streamed at the very end of this post or downloaded for FREE from here.

- Download 'Think, Thank, Thunk.' by Overhead, The Albatross from bandcamp for just €1 here
- All proceeds go to the Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association
- The Alternative with Dan Hegarty broadcasts live on RTÉ 2XM Monday-Thursday 11am-1pm, (repeated on RTÉ 2fm 11pm - 1am)



  1. You can also get their Mr Dog Ep on http://overheadthealbatross.bandcamp.com/album/mr-dog


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