Podcast : Anything You Can Do...

Anything You Can Do... is a podcast aiming not only to highlight music from Irish artists - nor only the best on the international scene - but to integrate both, showing that Ireland's vast array of talent can easily hold their own alongside the world's best.

There is no intention to infringe copyright here, simply to group a lot of good music - be it from home or abroad - in one mix for everyone to enjoy. Now go and do so!
  1. Frankie's Gun by The Felice Brothers
  2. Radio by Katie Kim
  3. (Morays Or) Demon by Shipping News
  4. Snuffbox by Private Underground Residence
  5. Don't Carry It All by The Decemberists
  6. Get Light by Squarehead
  7. Don't Fuck With My Money by Penguin Prison
  8. Uh! by Trumpets Of Jericho
  9. Knotty Pine by David Byrne & The Dirty Projectors
  10. Mystery by Don Scannell
  11. Volunteer by King's Daughters & Sons
  12. Wooden Floor by Boa Morte
  13. You Must Be Out Of Your Mind by The Magnetic Fields
  14. The Space I Occupy by Windings
  15. Daisies by Paper Dollhouse
  16. Big Wave by Jenny And Johnny
  17. Here Be Monsters by Tieranniesaur
  18. Hearts by I Break Horses
  19. Shimmer by The Altered Hours
  20. Lose It by Austra
  21. Official Party Line by Hope Is Noise
  22. A Violent Yet Flammable World by Au Revoir Simone
  23. Johnston's Cows by Ten Past Seven
  24. What Are We Waiting For? by Amiina
  25. Mayday by Leaflog