Cork Gig Guide (Bank Holiday April 2nd-April 9th )

Indie pop princes Bouts pay their very first visit to Cork Saturday on what looks to be another gig-heavy bank holiday Saturday. Our own purveyors of audio delights, Plugd Records, are hosts to another superb GoodCop BadCop booking, which will also feature a debut performance from Slugbait side project Terriers. €4 gets you in but €8 will gain you entry AND a copy of Bouts' new double A-side, 'Get Sick'/'Turn Away'. Kildare's Adultrock will be spinning records in Gulpd at the end of the night so going to be another good night on Tobin Street (lane by Soho).

If I could tear my physical self in two (and continue to function of course) my left hand side would be sipping a pint in Fred's, eagerly awaiting another debut this time in the fascinatingly shadowy shape of Gnawing Me, Gnawing You, Vicky Langan - or should I say Viktoriia -'s doom-Abba tribute who support From the Bogs of Aughiska, creators of "dark/black ambient noisescapes inspired by Celtic history, the harsh, rugged west coast of Ireland, misty boglands, dark nights, rural isolation, forests, The Burrens flora and fauna.."

Meanwhile - not too far away over on Carey's Lane - David Kitt and Diamond Dagger's electrohouse collaboration New Jackson appear in The Pavilion to make it a hat-trick of first-time-appearances. Great news is this one won't cost you a penny (or a cent)!

Cork Opera House's resident cellist Kate Ellis returns to COH following her sell out in November and - further afield - young indie bravehearts Hush War Cry pay a trip to Myrtleville and Fred reacquaint themselves with Ballymaloe's Grain Store.

The lead up to that staggeringly full sixth day of the week includes :

  • The monthly KC Session followed by Dublin dream-poppers Sweet Jane in the Crane on Monday
  • A return to The Crane Lane the following night for the tireless Jukebox Gypsy who never disappoint
  • Hardcore americana from Tim Eriksen in Plugd on Wednesday
  • The Hard Ground release their debut single 'Pawn' in the Half Moon while Mick Flannery & Band begin to tour the Blarney man's third studio album Red To Blue in De Barra's (Clonakilty)

Friday is obviously quiet (bars closed and all that) but use the break wisely to hit the ground running the following day.

Monday, April 2nd
- Ian O'Doherty in The Old Oak
- The KC Sessions featuring Katie O'Connell Band, Diarmuid Galvin and more in The Crane Lane Theatre (8.30pm)
- Sweet Jane in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)

Tuesday, April 3rd
- Candle Sessions with Hank & Edel in The Pavilion
- Jukebox Gypsy in The Crane Lane Theatre (11.30pm)

Wednesday, April 4th
- Johnny & The Boogiemen in The Old Oak
- Tim Eriksen and Woven Skull in Plugd Records

Thursday, April 5th
- The Hard Ground (single launch) and Elly O'Keefe in Half Moon Theatre
- Mick Flannery & Band in De Barra's (Clonakilty)

Saturday, April 7th
- Bouts, Terriers and Adultrock in Plugd Records

- From The Bogs Of Aughiska, Siorai Geimhreadh and Gnawing Me, Gnawing You (dark Abba tribute) in Fred Zeppelins
- New Jackson (David Kitt & Diamond Dagger) in The Pavilion

- Kate Ellis in Cork Opera House
- The Reverse in Cyprus Avenue
- Fred in The Grain Store (Ballymaloe)
- Hush War Cry in Pine Lodge (Myrtleville)

Sunday, April 8th
- Original Rudeboys in Cyprus Avenue
- The Naildrivers in An Cruiscin Lan

Monday, April 9th
- Young Folk in The Crane Lane Theatre (11pm)

If located in another part of the green isle simply click here for further gig guides.