Fund it : Dylan Tighe

March and April are the months when festival announcements (such as Indiependence yesterday) come flooding in with Cork folk waiting patiently for the Cork Midsummer festival to reveal the mouth watering contents of their picnic basket. No concrete news as of yet but one act sort of confirmed is theatre actor, director and musician Dylan Tighe. How can someone be "sort of" confirmed you ask?

Dublin-based Tighe is set to launch his debut album - titled RECORD - at the 2012 arts festival as part of a theatrical performance featuring songs from the (hopefully) by-then finished LP. First he requires funders help to raise the €8,500 required "to cover studio-time, mastering, pressing of CDs and Vinyl, artwork and publicity", allowing the Dubliner to finish his batch of compositions that have been over two years in the making.

Many Irish artists have gone down the fund-it route this past year including Nina Hynes (raising over €10,000), Julie Feeney (over €20,000) and - close to home - Ten Past Seven, who raised over €5,000 to help complete the recording, mastering etc. of their excellent 3-track EP - Black Box Recordings.

RECORD is currently being produced by Jimmy Eadie (Jape, David Kitt, Si Schroeder and Valerie Francis) and features Seán MacErlaine on horns and woodwinds and Conor Murray on drums.

Tighe has currently raised approx €1,300 so has quite a way to go yet he does have time on his side with 30 days still left to fund. Remember if the fundit project does not reach its target, none of the funds are transferred to the "fundee" so it is an all or nothing kind of deal. Let's hope we see the name Dylan Tighe on those Summery red and yellow promotional posters come June.

- Click here to help fund Dylan Tighe's debut album
- Cork Midsummer festival takes place 21st June-1st July 2012
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