New album: Joan Shelley

What in god's name do they put in the water in Louisville, Kentucky? Rachel Grimes, Daniel Martin Moore (Cold Spring), King's Daughters & Sons, Seluah to list just a handful of the amazing songmakers to ride out of the bluegrass state. Well the secret's in the name I suppose...

Joan Shelley - herself one third of another Louisville tune lagoon i.e. Maiden Radio - joins the superlative list of songcatchers with the release of the achingly beautiful Ginko earlier today.

Again recorded with engineering genie Kevin Ratterman, Shelley's sophomore record features a whole host of talent (other than her marvellous self of course) including Ben Sollee, Cheyenne Marie Mize, Daniel Joseph Dorff, Joe Manning, Julia Purcell and Nathan Salsburg. Produced by Daniel Martin Moore the album emanates elegance, class and is a master-stroke in precision control with the Kentuckian's voice expertly disciplined to do what is right for the song.

Stream the entire album below to hear what I mean.

- Ginko from Joan Shelley is released on 10th April in the United States on Ol Kentuck records
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