New album: Paul Buchanan (The Blue Nile)

The Blue Nile are not prone to rushing. Even their solo albums take almost a decade to complete.

In over 30 years the Glaswegians have released just four full-length records so "prolific" is not a commonly used word in their vocabulary but lead songwriter Paul Buchanan - who surprisingly appeared in Stradbally for the 2006 edition of Electric Picnic - is on the brink of releasing Mid Air whose 14 tracks will see the light of day in May.

The Scotsman was recently interviewed on BBC with Stuart Maconie's Sunday show also including a sneak peaky at 'Mid Air', the title track from the forthcoming album. The early signs are good as Buchanan's way with words and masterful minimalistic musings have not left him since he last released new material 8 years ago. Word has it Irish dates are also in the offing. Updates a-comin' soon...

- Mid Air by Paul Buchanan is released Friday, 18th May