New album: Twin Terrace

"Just starting out. Have a clutch of self produced songs. They sound okay to me. Wish me luck."

Humble words from Dublin's Gavin Redmond whose debut album Plural receives an independent release this Friday.

Redmond's dreamy, reverb-soaked Bradford Cox-esque vocals subtly dominate Plural in the same subtle way that the Deerhunter/Atlas Sound captain masterfully navigates his own various musical expeditions.

The crunchy, 90's roaring 'Our Friend The Atom' belies the fact these recordings are (mostly) a one-man-does-it-all undertaking and could deservedly attain some airplay. 'You Keep Coming Back', sees the Dubliner move elegantly into Will Sheff mode with an excellent example of song craftsmanship - especially in its solid structure - showing why the track was released as a single in February. The addition of Catherine Dolan's slightly removed voice to delicate slow-burner 'Victory Square' - not to mention an unexpected rock guitar solo - is a welcome surprise, the track one of the highlights of the album.

The return of beats to the record on 'Thin Air', 'To Belong' and 'I Thought I'd Leave With You' raises the tempo when the record had toyed dangerously with the idea of becoming a little too downbeat for its own good with closer 'How Dare Her' bringing the impressive Plural to an end with a dramatic organ line drifting slowly into the fade.

Only negative may be that it sometimes takes the songs a little longer to get to the point than is necessary e.g. 'Victory Square'. Other than not being a Saturday night record it is difficult to say anything bad about Gavin Redmond's debut offering so why should I! Speaking about his own songs he himself stated "They sound okay to me". Well they sound a lot better than that to me Gavin.

The record hits the shelves - be they physical or virtual - under the Twin Terrace moniker with Peter "2 U I Bestow" Nagle labelling the collection of ten tracks "a genuine contender for album of 2012" - click here for Peter's review.

- Plural by Twin Terrace is released Friday, April 6th
- The album will be available via bandcamp, itunes and a number of independent Irish record stores such as Wingnut and Elastic Witch