Record Store Day 2012: Interview with Hidden Highways

Hidden Highways
Limerick label Out On A Limb records are set to release the first physical recording from their new country-folk collaboration project. Carol Anne McGowan and Tim V. Smyth aka Hidden Highways will release their debut eponymous four track EP this Friday (April 20th) perfectly in time to take part in the Record Store Day 2012 celebrations.

Tim was on hand to answer a couple of questions ahead of the big day.

What is your favourite record store and where is it located?
Plugd Records, Cork.

Are there any specific happy memories that you have of this store?
Great vinyl!

Are there any particular albums recommended to you by record store staff that have influenced your music over the years (or that you have simply loved and adored)?
Yes! A compilation called Total Lee. It's a record of Lee Hazelwood covers. Fantastic stuff with covers from Erland Oye, Richard Hawley and Kid Loco. It was recommended to be by John Cowper in the old Black Spot Records on Wickham Street in Limerick.

Has a record store (i.e. the staff) helped you in your musical career/path in anyway over the years?
In terms off recommending great stuff - yes.

What does Record Store Day mean for you?
For me its a reminder of how exciting the process of buying music used to be and how it can be again.

This will be the fifth annual record store day. Any fond memories from previous Record Store Days you would like to share?
DJing with Steve from Windings in Limerick. People were actually going off and buying the albums the tunes we were playing were on right in front of us!

Did you hear Feist and Mastodon are to release a split 7" with Feist covering Mastodon and vice versa?
Gonna get me a copy of that for sure!

If you were to release a split 7" with any contemporary artist/band who would it be with and what song would you cover of theirs and vice versa?
Hmmm let's see....John Prine I think. I'd cover 'In Spite of Ourselves' and he'd do 'Old Hearts Reborn'.

If you had to describe the perfect record store in 3 words what would they be?
Black Spot Records.

If you were to own a record store one day, what would you call it?
It's such a good name I'm not sharing it!

Anything else you would like to tell the folks at home?
Buy more vinyl!

- Hidden Highways is released Friday, 20th April
- Record Store Day 2012 is Saturday, 21st April
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Plugd (Cork) -- Wingnut (Galway) -- Tower (Dublin) -- Wingnut (Waterford) -- Elastic Witch (Dublin)
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