Record Store Day 2012: Interview with Little xs for Eyes

Little xs for Eyes

Little xs for eyes are on a roll right now: a more-than-successful fundit venture resulted in the release of the gorgeous S.A.D., a fancy new stop-motion video for that same record's second single - 'In Three Years', a plethora of positive reviews (e.g. Irish Times) and the Dublin six piece now prepare themselves for a Camden Crawl appearance next month in Dublin.

Busy indeed yet Little xs multi-instrumentalist Davey Moor still has time to chat about the incoming Record Store Day festivities.

What is your favourite record store and where is it located?
In Ireland I really like Bell, Book & Candle in Galway. New and second hand and a great Irish music section. New and old books there too.

Are there any specific happy memories that you have of this store?
Seeing our record on the shelf!

Are there any particular albums recommended to you by record store staff that have influenced your music over the years?
Road Records in Dublin, now sadly closed,  was an amazing place. Always good for a chat, recommendation, browse. Great atmosphere. They used to release records back in the day too.

Has a record store helped you in your musical career/path in anyway over the years?
Little xs for eyes first EP was a 'Record of the Month' in Road. People gave a lot of credence to Dave & Julie (Road's owners)'s opinion and I think that certainly helped sales.

What does Record Store Day mean for you?
Business as usual for me. I buy records all year round, but I think those on the digital fence might be inspired to pop in maybe.

Have you had a chance to look at the special limited editions that are set to be released especially for RSD12? Is there any record you will be trying to claim come April 21st?
Mmmmm, M Ward - 'Primitive Girl'* please shoppe keep.

*A ltd edition 7" white vinyl single from M. Ward featuring 'Primitive Girl' on side A and 'The Twist' 'Roll Over Beethoven' on the flip

Did you hear Feist and Mastodon are to release a split 7" with Feist covering Mastodon and vice versa?
It's wonderful! {Shamless plug alert} We're doing our own song swap with Sleep Thieves very soon!

If you had to describe the perfect record store in 3 words what would they be?
Full to the brim of - people people people.

Upcoming Little xs for eyes tour dates:

May 11th - Camden Crawl (Dublin)
May 26th - Cobalt Cafe (Dublin)

- Little xs for Eyes album 'S.A.D.' is available in all good record stores (including Wingnut Galway)
- Record Store Day 2012 is Saturday, 21st April
- Stay tuned to 
all this week for RSD12 interviews, articles and more

Plugd (Cork) -- Wingnut (Galway) -- Tower (Dublin) -- Wingnut (Waterford) -- Elastic Witch (Dublin)
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