Record Store Day 2012: Interview with Gib from Elastic Witch

"Record Store Day in Road Records in 2010 was one of my favourite days working anywhere ever."

Elastic Witch
Located in Twisted Pepper at 54 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1.
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For the past couple of years the dreaded "x records is closing down" headline seemed to loom around every corner so it was especially encouraging when it was announced Elastic Witch, a new record store set that now occupies the backroom of the Twisted Pepper, was setting up shop on Middle Abbey Street. Owner (and Logikparty drum demon) Gib Cassidy looks forward to the fledgling music providers first ever Record Store Day.

What does Record Store Day mean for you?
First and foremost it's a celebration of the record store! It's great that labels both small and large get involved to get stock out there for the day. Having some great bands playing here on the day will be great too. The fact that we're operating out of a venue will add to the buzz too no doubt!

Any fond memories from previous Record Store Days you would like to share?
I worked for the last Record Store Day in Road Records in 2010. It was one of my favourite days working anywhere ever. Seriously good vibes floating around! Patrick Kelleher doing a solo acoustic set standing up on the counter was a high light of the day. Plus, we all wore suits. Sharp...

What limited editions would you like to put (or will be putting!) straight in your bag before the store opens on April 21st?
Don't know exactly what I'll be getting yet but to be honest, I'm only going to pick up stock that's left behind at the end of the day.

Good man Gib! What tasty treats (live bands, surprises etc.) have you got lined up for Record Store Day?
We have a full program of live events and DJs for the daytime part. Last Days Of 1984, Ships, Girls Names, Optimo DJs, Simon Bird and Skinny Wolves DJs. Elastic Witch is going to be taking over the Loft Space in Twisted Pepper for the late part. Myself and guest DJs playing vinyl only sets for the day that's in it.

What to you will signify a successful record store day?
Everybody having a good time at the live gigs. Everybody picking up the records that they wanted to get and me being able to make enough money to be able to re-invest in the shop!

In the past 12 months what have been the highs and lows of your record store?
Well we've only existed for 6 months but the biggest high has be actually getting the shop opened in the first place! I've met a lot of new friends throughout the last half a year too. That's been pretty cool. Lows have been few and far between to be honest. Not getting stock in when I've meant to receive it is always a pain in the ass but my customers usually know that that's not our fault. Mostly highs.

What does the future hold for your record store?
Only time will tell. Getting the place tidied up a bit aesthetically is on the agenda. Running some more gigs and events too. Possibly even a record label further down the line. It has been a wild ride so far but things are starting to level out nicely now. Hopefully we'll be here next year so we can tell you some crazy tales about Record Store Day '12!

Line-up for Elastic Witch's Record Store Day 2012:

Saturday 21st April

- Record Store Day 2012 takes place on Saturday, 21st April
- Girls Names, Last Days of 1984 and more play Elastic Witch from 12pm

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