Record Store Day 2012: Interview with Jim from Plugd Records

"More and bigger and better."

Plugd Records Cork
Located on Triskel Arts Centre, 1st Floor, Tobin Street, Cork.
Contact Details : 353 (0) 214276300 or

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Almost a year ago to the day, I published this post. 367 days later and, not only is the belief as solid as it was on that day, but firmly of the opinion that the vital ventricles of Ireland's most southern city are pumping stronger than ever.

There is no need to tell regulars that Plugd Records is more than just a record shop. From the shaman-esque spreading of word concerning new young bands (Terror Pop's Chris Somers only yesterday spilled the beans that their career-advancing Whelan's appearance was down to a good word from Albert), the free instores (e.g. Daniel Martin Moore, Sam Amidon), the warm welcomes, the inside musical gossip, the never-ending introductions to fellow audio anglers, to the sheer vibrancy of the place.

In a world where it is growing only too easy to sever connections with the social fabric of life itself, Jim Horgan and Albert Twomey maintain an institution that continues to tie all the strings together. Whether local or foreign to the city, fifteen minutes in Plugd Records and it is impossible not to feel involved. Be it because one of the lads - just for you - has stuck away a record earlier in the week ,that they know you will love, or shared the news of an "unmissable" gig taking place later that night that would otherwise have simply drifted by unnoticed otherwise. Visits to Plugd Records make you feel like you are part of the musical community, that you belong, no matter how big or small a part play.

Oh and then there is the music on offer. Personal experience of a recent recommendation? The Plugd boys introduced me to A Box Painted Black, an excellent gothic folk album from London's Paper Dollhouse. Being introduced to a quality new, underground record should be where a good record store ends its involvement in your life but within 6 weeks I had interviewed the band/singer (see here), seen her live (downstairs in the Triskel, as arranged by Plugd. Obviously.) and also got to have a brief drink and chat with Astrud Steehouder herself in the lads downstairs café i.e. Gulpd, which of course is one of the nicest places in the city to have a drink these days. Like I said, they get you involved.

Jim took some time out for the manic preparations to answer a few questions ahead of RSD number 5.

What does Record Store Day mean for you?
More than the limited releases and all that, it's a day to see all the regulars sticking around for a few hours and having the banter. Without these folks there would be no Plugd. People playing records so we don't have to is also a big plus. It also happens to be our first anniversary in the Triskel so its another reason to celebrate.

Any fond memories from previous Record Store Days you would like to share?
Last year was really, really great. We had just reopened that day after a few months of being semi-homeless. It felt like everyone was there and was all a bit of a blur due to pulling an all nighter getting the place in order.

What limited editions would you like to put (or will be putting!) straight in your bag before the store opens on April 21st?
Ordered a load of stuff but not sure yet what's gonna make the cut. There's a coupla BBC Radiophonic Workshop LPs I wouldn't mind gettin my hands on. Mici Durnin is bringing a few Finders Keepers screen printed posters which would look nice on my wall. No doubt Albert is gonna pull a swifty on the Circle vinyl!

Have you any tasty treats lined up for Record Store Day?
Yeah there's plenty. There's a bunch of djs in the shop during the day followed by more in the cafe after. Will finish off that night with two of my favourite producers, Juju and Jordash who are coming from Amsterdam for the weekend. Inbetween Pingpong are putting on a show in the auditorium with Jimmy Cake, Nanu Nanu and Melodica Deathship. On Sunday we will wind it down with a few live acts and djs in Gulpd.

What to you will signify a successful record store day?
Lots of people and good times.

In the past 12 months what have been the highs and lows of your record store?
Big high was reopening. There's been a lot of work over the year but no lows really.

What does the future hold for your record store?
More and bigger and better.

- Record Store Day 2012 takes place on Saturday, 21st April
- Plugd will have scores of ltd edition new releases only available in independent record stores
- The Jimmy Cake, Melodica Deathship and Nanu Nanu play Triskel that night as part of the RSD12 celebrations
- Tickets are priced at €10 and available on the night

Plugd (Cork) -- Wingnut (Galway) -- Tower (Dublin) -- Wingnut (Waterford) -- Elastic Witch (Dublin) Click here to see participating stores in your area

*Proud to say I am in the time lapse at about 22 seconds in :)