Record Store Day 2012: interview with Kate from Wingnut Waterford

"Although Record Store Day is a big deal internationally, to me it still feels community driven and local.."

Wingut Records (Waterford)
Located in Hard Times Bookstore, 2 Peter Street, Waterford.
Contact Details : katesartozitaglavey[at]gmail[dot]com

Official website:

Similar to Wingnut Galway, the Waterford arm of the Wingnut Records empire is located within a book store - the Hard Times Bookstore on Waterford City's Peter Street to be exact. Former WG employee - now Wingnut Waterford head honcho - Kate Glavey chats to The G-Man ahead of RSD 2012.

What does Record Store Day mean for you?
It’s a celebration of substance...and is worthwhile. Although RSD is a big deal internationally to me it still feels community driven and local.

Any fond memories from previous Record Store Days you would like to share?
Last year I was in Galway and it was a beautiful sunny day and I watched Lamp play in Bell book and Candle and I’m almost sure I shared it with my birthday last year too!

What limited editions would you like to put (or will be putting!) straight in your bag before the
store opens on April 21st?
There is a box of stock in transit, sent from Galway Wingnut on its way to Waterford Wingnut especially for Record store day. I hear there are some treats but have yet to see what’s in it. We are getting a limited number of printed canvas record bags made for the occasion of our first I'll be nabbing one of those for sure.

What tasty treats have you got lined up for Record Store Day?
The Casanova Wave is going to play his highly anticipated debut album in store, it is not due to be released until May. I have heard bit and pieces over the last few months and can’t wait to hear the album in its entirety.

El Hígado no Existe who are also releasing a debut album in May are going to perform live among the books. They use loads of handmade instruments and have a real rusty (in a good way) sound and their performance is quite theatrical so I think it will be an aural/visual spectacle.

What to you will signify a successful record store day?
Wingnut Waterford is only open: almost 4 months. It is still quite young so for me a successful record store day would be if we were showered with people having a browse, seeing what was going on and hearing/seeing new music and getting the word out.

In the past 12 months what have been the highs and lows of your record store?
Well as I said Wingnut Waterford is a baby, 3 months old, but there have been highlights; Once a group of Chinese tourists holidaying in Waterford came upon the record shop and bought 7 albums in one go. They had never heard of any of the artists or bands but were just so curious and interested. Ciaron (the owner of Hard Times book shop, where Wingnut is situated) and I would definitely count that as a highlight.

Also the Delorentos done an acoustic set betwixt and between the book stalls two weeks ago and I thought that set was great. Everyone out doing bits and bobs on a Saturday just stopped and listened.

What does the future hold for your record store?
Good things, I’d hope.

Wingnut Records Waterford's record store day line-up:

2pm - The Casanova Wave
(album preview party where you'll be able to have a very sneaky and exclusive listen to the forthcoming debut album release by Waterford's own, due out this summer!)

3pm - El Hígado no Existe 
(live instore)

Please drop down and show your support, and please continue to show your support! There will also be FREE handmade Vinyl bags for anybody who buys vinyl on the day.

- Record Store Day 2012 takes place on Saturday, 21st April
- Limited edition releases will be available from independent record stores only for that day
- Record Store Day events begin at 2pm with free handmade vinyl bags for everyone

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