Record Store Day 2012: Interview with 2FM's Dan Hegarty

Dan Hegarty

"Someone recommended I buy a Tim Buckley album - it blew me away. "

So far we have heard the views of bands, artists and the record stores themselves. Below we shift the perspective a little as Dan Hegarty - presenter of The Alternative on 2FM - fills us in on what record stores mean to him.

What is your favourite record store and where is it located?
I'm actually just happy when I see record stores open these days! As for favourites, Tower Records is great, as is Freebird. I've only been in Plug'd in Cork once, but really like the place. Obviously Rough Trade in London is are great too, as is Plato in Groningen (Eurosonic land), The Netherlands.

Are there any specific happy memories that you have of this store?
Spending all of my money, and getting some amazing music!

Are there any particular albums recommended to you by record store staff that have influenced your music over the years (or that you have simply loved and adored)?
I was around 19, and someone recommended that I should buy a Tim Buckley album ('Dream Letter - Live in London 1968'), it blew me away.

Has a record store (i.e. the staff) helped you in your musical career/path in anyway over the years?
I used to work in a record store, so I guess yes they have in a way.

What does Record Store Day mean for you?
It brings the focus back on record store and music's physical formats. Downloading is great, but it would be a pity to think that there isn't a place for vinyl, CDs, tapes, and obviously record stores. 

People have a really bad habit of not supporting things, and then they go out of business or - in a band's case - break up. You hear people saying "what a shame, I used to love that place/that band." If you don't support stuff, that's what happens unfortunately.

This will be the fifth annual record store day. Any fond memories from previous Record Store Days you would like to share?
I know it's a really obvious thing to say, but the best memories that I have is of seeing record stores busy. I read a quote a couple of years ago that went something like this: "These days record stores are like angling shops - full of middle-aged men, without any trace of young people!" I laughed when I read it, but there is an element of truth there.

Have you had a chance to look at the special limited editions that are set to be released especially for RSD12? Is there any record you will be trying to claim come April 21st?
Strangely, I've only really had a look at some of the stuff that will be available this week. I have some of the tracks that will be available that people sent to me digitally, but I'm definitely going to have try and pick up the Mastodon/Flaming Lips 7", and I read that The Black Angels+ will be releasing something too - a monster of a band!

+'Watch Out Boy'/'I'd Rather Be Lonely' on limited Edition orange vinyl 7"

Did you hear Feist and Mastodon are to release a split 7" with Feist covering Mastodon and vice versa?
I did. Yeah, it's an unusual one, but if you think about it, it's kind of in the spirit of what Record Store Day is all about.

If you were to release a split 7" with any two contemporary artists/bands covering a track from the other who would it be with and what song would?
I was actually going to skip this question because it's completely unfair, it's like asking me what my favorite album is! I reckon it would have to be Justice covering 'Stand & Deliver', and Adam Ant doing 'Civilization'. It could be a disaster, but it could be monumental too!

If you had to describe the perfect record store in 3 words what would they be?
Open, selection, staff.

If you were to own a record store one day, what would you call it?
Elitist Records!

Any last words?
Cheese, but I have to say it - Happy Record Store Day everyone!

- Record Store Day 2012 takes place on Saturday, 21st April
- Limited edition releases will be available from independent record stores only for that day

Plugd (Cork) -- Wingnut (Galway) -- Tower (Dublin) -- Wingnut (Waterford) -- Elastic Witch (Dublin)
Click here to see participating stores in your area