Dawes for The Academy

North Hills by Dawes

Likeable L.A. hill wanderers Dawes play Dublin in July a month after the release of new album North Hills.

The slightly confusing angle to take with this release is that North Hills, technically their second release on this island, is actually the folk-lovin' americana styled quartet's debut, which - until now - has not been available to purchase on this side of the water. Produced by fellow song-scribe Jonathan Wilson, the Californian foursome are a little bit on the poppier side of G-Man favourites The Low Anthem with common denominators such as the tender, strolling slumber that is 'That Western Skyline' good enough to keep my ears a-perky.

I would say this could be quite a lovely Monday jaunt To The Academy II come the second week of July.

Click here to stream North Hills in its entirety.

- Dawes release 'North Hills' in Ireland on Friday, 1st June
- They play The Academy II on Monday, 9th July
- Tickets are priced at €10 and available here