First Aid Kit for Dublin

First Aid Kit

Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg return to Ireland for a single Vicar Street date in November.

Quite a jump in venue size seeing as the delightful duo only recently headlined more modest surroundings in the form of The Workman's Club, testament to just how supernova things have gone for the folkies in the past six months or so. The petrol for the flame is none other than The Lion's Roar, released in March, which will gatecrash the majority of those end-of-year-lists come December.

9am Friday is the time to try nab these tickys. They are going to sell like hot-cakes, trust me.

- First Aid Kit play Vicar Street Sunday, 25th November
- Tickets are priced at €19 and available from the usuals
- Visit for more details