Forbidden Fruit: Countdown - 9 days to go

Oooo. The last day of double-digits in the Forbidden Fruit countdown!

Atlas Sound

Who?: Atlas Sound
When?: Sunday, June 3rd - 4.30pm Undergrowth Stage
Why?: In the past four years Bradford Cox has released six albums of original material - three as the frontman of indie-psych sages Deerhunter and three solo records under the moniker Atlas Sound, the vehicle for the Athens, Georgia native's solo material; So to answer the unasked question - yes Bradford Cox is a very busy man, a very busy man indeed.

2011's Parallax will hopefully feature prominently come Sunday evening, fingers crossed especially tightly for 'Mona Lisa', Cox at his poppiest.

Official website :


Le Galaxie

Who?: Le Galaxie
When?: Saturday, June 2nd - 6.15pm Lighthouse Stage
Why?: Nay from Harmless Noise thankfully turned me on to these floor-flaying fun-merchants. Nay herself said it best: "Merging all the delirious wonderment of Daft Punk with Kraftwerk, Le Galaxie are that and so much more, not just a Kraft Punk fusion but a witty quartet with an inner warmth to dispel the turbo-charged, supercool winds of Space". In my own less-attractive, far more ignorant words: To get your dancing groove on.

Official website :

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- Forbidden Fruit takes place later this year on the grounds of Kilmainham hospital from June 2nd to June 4th
- Tickets priced at Day €49.50/2-Day €89.50/Weekend €115
- For more info visit