Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Forbidden Fruit: Countdown to orchard ordeals - 18 days to go

Forbidden Fruit may still be a while off yet but that does not mean we can start to get excited about the juicy treats that await those set to descend on the scenic grounds of Kilmainham.

Cast of Cheers

Who?: The Cast of Cheers
When?: Sunday - June 3rd
Why?: The Dublin robo-rockers release new album Family on July 23rd so forbidden fruiters are sure to pick some juicy, vitamin d-filled exclusives straight from the blossoming Cast of Cheers tree ahead of the quartet's trip to Australia later this Summer.

Official website : www.thecastofcheers.com


Holy Fuck

Who?: Holy Fuck
When?: Saturday - June 2nd
Why?: "Holy Fuck Batman!" - how refreshing it would have been if that perennial overdoer of alliteration had just once uttered those three little words to his caped crusading compadre. Well Robin's loss is Forbidden Fruit's gain as at least two thirds of that sentence will be used quite regularly come the first Saturday in June. After this Canadian quartet are done their eyeball-sizzling, electro-popping dance set, expect to hear the phrase in public quite a bit more.

Official website : holyfuckmusic.com


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- Forbidden Fruit takes place later this year on the grounds of Kilmainham hospital from June 2nd to June 4th
- Tickets priced at Day €49.50/2-Day €89.50/Weekend €115
- For more info visit forbiddenfruit.ie