Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Forbidden Fruit: Countdown to orchard ordeals - 11 days to go

One super sweet music maker after the other. It's nearly time to get out the highlighter and the official timetable and start making to-the-minute anally-retentive plans.

Andrew Bird

Who?: Andrew Bird
When?: Monday, June 4th - 4.45pm Original Stage
Why?: To witness multi-instrumental, ear-warming, sensational solo brilliance. Whistling has never been as sweet.

Official website : breakityourself.andrewbird.net


Bear In Heaven

Who?: Bear In Heaven
When?: Saturday, June 2nd - 3.45pm Undergrowth Stage
Why?: Because who can have their fill of electro-hook bustling Brooklynites! The Jon Philpot-founded Bear in Heaven psych-krautrock project is one of the more experimental names to appear on the FF line-up. Expect a setlist heavily populated by music from I Love You, It's Cool, the most recent BIH release.

Official website : bearinheaven.com


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- Forbidden Fruit takes place later this year on the grounds of Kilmainham hospital from June 2nd to June 4th
- Tickets priced at Day €49.50/2-Day €89.50/Weekend €115
- For more info visit forbiddenfruit.ie