Orchestra of Spheres for Cork

Orchestra of Spheres

Ping Pong promotions have announced the colourfully cosmic Orchestra of Spheres will play Cork at the end of August.

"Like celestial sponges, they draw on influences far and wide: the hypnotic beats of Kuduro; repetitive minimalist Bornean sape music; free jazz and improvised music and the celestial chimes of gamelan."

Like I said: colourful. Expect to hear plenty of "biscuit tin guitar" solos from the New Zealanders with a growing cult following.

With the recent batch of other Half Moon dates announced with the Summer programme last week, it is good to see the Cork Opera House's baby venue back and booming.

The Maori John Wayne provide support on the night.

- Orchestra of Spheres play Half Moon on Friday, 31st August
- Tickets are priced €10/8 and can be purchased from Cork Opera House
- Purchase 'Nonagonic Now' from Fire Records by clicking here


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