Setlist: The Magnetic Fields, Cork Opera House Sunday, 29th April 2012

The setlist from Sunday night's show...

01. I Die
02. A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
03. Your Girlfriend's Face
04. Reno Dakota
05. Come Back From San Francisco
06. No One Will Ever Love You Honestly
07. I've Run Away to Join the Fairies
08. Plant White Roses
09. Drive On Driver
10. My Husband's Pied-a-Terre
11. Time Enough for Rocking When We're Old
12. The Horrible Party
13. Smoke and Mirrors
14. Goin' Back To The Country
15. Andrew In Drag
16. Quick!
17. Busby Berkeley Dreams
18. Boa Constrictor
19. The Book of Love
20. Fear of Trains
21. You Must Be Out of Your Mind
22. Grand Canyon
23. Swinging London
24. It's Only Time
25. Smile! No One Cares How You Feel

26. All My Little Words
27. Forever and a Day

- The Magnetic Fields played Cork Opera House on Sunday, 29th April 2012
- Listen to the entire setlist* using the player below

*Not the actual show