It's Alive!!!!: The Kino returns...kind of

This little blog was still a nipper when the news of the Kino's demise came to light  (see here ) and tainted the hopes and dreams of indie-loving Cork cinema-goers. Just as tough to bear has been watching the blue building lay dormant as it's legendary status faded.

Later this Summer however, The Kino will reopen as an all-ages venue: in turn finally providing the teen and pre-teen tune-loving population of Leeside with an desperately needed alternative hangout other than Tesco on Paul Street. The finer details are limited for now but watch this space.

Finally Cork kiddos will the chance to experience super-good Cork bands such as Trumpets of Jericho, John Blek & The Rats and Hope Is Noise live in the flesh as well as international faves.  My eyes are peeled for more news on this one...