Last Black Sun show...

The final Black Sun-promoted event (at least for now) is scheduled to take place this Saturday in Plugd Records with Fritz Welch and Neil Davidson's With Lumps - along with Woven Skull, Aonghus McEvoy and Divil A' Bit* - ensuring Dave Sionnach and Vicky Langan's swansong is a night to remember.

*Dave Colohan (Raising Holy Sparks, Agitated Radio Sparks) and Natalia Beylis (Woven Skull, The Creaking Willow String Band)

As is the best option in these cases, it is best to let the unedited words of those involved speak for themselves.

Hullo all!

This will be the final Black Sun music-event in Cork, for the foreseeable future at least. Those keeping an eye on us last week will have seen the news that we're teaming up with the Triskel Arts Centre to continue our programming of experimental cinema. If you live in Ireland, please take a minute to check out our first programme! We're as proud as anything to be presenting day-long events devoted exclusively to experimental cinema at Triskel Christchurch.

Gigs-wise, it's time to take a rest I think. Emigration looks like a possibility and I'm determined to get the most out of my time here while I have it. If we remain in Cork after the winter, then I'd like to set about about working on something annually rather than a sporadic series of events.

Love and thanks to everyone who's ever played at a Black Sun, Irish or International.

Massive thanks for their kindness and generosity: David Murphy, Paul Hegarty, Max Le Cain, Kevin Kennedy, Albert and Jim (Plugd Records), Rachel Warriner and James Cummins (SoundEye), Sharon McCarthy and Kevin Tuohy (ArtTrail), Mick O' Shea & Irene Murphy (The Guesthouse), Janice and the rest of the staff at the Pavilion, Tony McCleane Fay (Granary Theatre), Bertrand Perennes (Camden Palace Hotel), The Triskel Arts Centre, Holly Burgess, Paula Larkin of Sugar Moon Vegan Cakes, Aoife Barry, Declan Synnott, John Byrne, the Sacred Harp Singers of Cork, Patricia Klich, Andy Ferreira, Marcin Lewandowski, Tanja Warkentin, Bernard Clarke, Conor O' Toole, Michael Carr, Stephen Graham, Brian Hayes Curtin, Mike McGrath-Bryan, Gary Meyler, Graham Lynch and Eoin Bold Lump and everyone who's ever come along to a show.

Aonghus McEvoy

Most of all, I'd like to thank my daughter for putting up with me spending hours of our time together over the past three years hunched over a laptop or on a phone sending emails, for her patience as I pushed her around town in a buggy, sticking up posters in the pissing rain, for giving up her bedroom so many times so that mysterious, friendly strangers could sleep deep surrounded by Moomin and Foxins and all the lads. Sionnach, I owe you big time. x

- With Lumps, Woven Skull, Aonghus McEvoy, and Divil A' Bit play Plugd Records Saturday, 16th June
- Entry is €7 and RSVP to the facebook event here
- For more info visit