New Music: Deep Sea Diver

Deep Sea Diver

The Shins pure and simply blew me away in March (see here for review). Much had been made about the new line-up who really stepped up to the plate in a big way on the new tour; True it would be difficult to fail to impress when the songs are taken from James Mercer's songbook. Still, guitarist Jessica Dobson's enthusiasm, energy and technical expertise caught the eye so I was eager to see what she has been up to away from her new found supergroup. The answer arrives in the the gutsy, indie pop envelope that is Deep Sea Diver.

The Seattle-based group consists of Peter Mansen, John Raines, Michael Duggan and Dobson herself with the band beginning as a solo project for the current Shins guitarist. Debut long player History Speaks was released officially back in February (becoming the number 1 seller on bandcamp) but only this month finally got printed on CD - as well as remastered - and set free for the world to enjoy on a physical level. The opposing funky and clanging guitars of 'You Go Running' could start the most rhythmically graced riot one ever did see with 'Weekend Wars' three and a half minutes of indie pop bliss attracting the attention of the good folk over at NPR, appearing as Song of the Day at the end of May.

Stream History Speaks in its entirety using the bandcamp player below.

- History Speaks by Deep Sea Diver was released on CD on 1st June
- Stream/purchase the album on bandcamp
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