Sleep tight Tim Mooney

Tim Mooney

Former American Music Club and San Franciscan punk band The Sleepers drummer Tim Mooney has died at the tender age of 53.

Tim also drummed with - well let's simply call him my hero - Mark Kozelek on his solo record Rock 'n' Roll Singer before appearing on the former Red House Painter frontman and songwriting visionary's post-painter magnum opus Ghosts of the Great Highway, recorded under the moniker Sun Kil Moon. In all truth my own personal knowledge of Mooney's past history is limited and I would be lying if I said otherwise but what the man did on that Sun Kil Moon record is nothing short of extraordinary and changed my life forever. I hope you are tucked in tight Mr. Mooney.

- A memorial Facebook page has been set up in Tim's honour
- Mark Kozelek plays The Button Factory on November 7th